Specialist Commercial Window Cleaners

At J.V Price we specialise in commercial window cleaning. We have over forty years experience as window cleaners and are committed to providing the very best window cleaning service to our customers. We offer a cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly window cleaning service.

As commercial window cleaners we deal with both large and small-scale businesses. We carry out a variety of commercial window cleaning services including cladding cleaning. We have invested in the latest commercial window cleaning technology and have a wide variety of equipment to help us clean all manner of windows. We use traditional ladders and water fed poles for standard sized buildings. For taller buildings we use a cradle to ensure we can clean all of the windows to the highest standard and in the safest way possible.

Our impeccable Health and Safety record demonstrates just how important safety is to us at J.V Price. We provide you the customer with the safest and most cost effective solution to your window cleaning needs. As well as a range of window cleaning services we also offer building and cladding cleaning. We currently deal with a variety of sectors including commercial, retail, public, transport and residential buildings.

As well as being experienced window cleaners we also offer exterior cladding cleaning. Our team of cladding cleaning experts can clean surfaces up to sixty metres high. We will advise you as to the best method of cleaning for you’re particular type of building. We have a range of steam and pressure cleaning equipment. All of the chemicals used in our cladding cleaning service are non-abrasive and PH neutral. The exterior cleaning service we offer is ideal for recently renovated properties to ensure they are restored back to their full potential and look their best.

Whatever you’re window cleaning requirements and type of building we have got the skills and equipment to have you’re windows sparkling.

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