The Importance of Props in Stage Productions

The theatre has been a traditional feature across the United Kingdom as a collaborative form of fine art in which individuals conduct live performances to an audience to portray a fictional or real life event. Stage productions today bear the hallmarks of its roots as Ancient Greeks valued participating and being part of an audience as an integral part of citizenship. Comedy, satyr and tragedy were formulated as the prime genres of drama which remain in existence within modern day stage performances.

Using amateur or professional actors, all cast members are entrusted to involve themselves within a script to portray the emotions and dramatic effect to an audience. In order to create an accurate adaptation of a fictional or real life event, production teams require adequate costumes and stage props which combine towards a perfect portrayal. Although learning the words and remaining in character are integral to how a story is told, the visual aspects of a stage are equally important.

This is particularly the case within the existence and subsequent quality of props used within each scene. While fictional plays require audience members to be more open-minded, using appropriate stage props adequately sets the scene and provides a visual adaptation of any action or activity that befits the overall theme.

From the more practical props such as Victorian coat stands to scenery items such as braziers and carts, all products can be utilised within stage productions to provide an accurate representation of an era in time or any particular scene. Without props, audience members may not be able to grasp the true concept of a play or gain a visual insight into the impact of a dramatic scene or the era in which it was set. It could also leave cast members to mimic and play out actions, such as sword fights or towing a fruit cart, without actually having the prop at hand.

Sufficient use of props during a stage performance allows all cast members to fulfil their character’s personality and role upon a stage which accurately reflects the era and scenery in which a play is based upon. This can engross the audience into enjoying the true qualities of drama performed on stage.

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