Getting the Car You Want From Abroad

There is much more to importing a car than simply getting it over to these shores. Whilst vehicle shipping will indeed be a big part of it, you are also going to need to get individual vehicle approval if you wish to register the car in this country, something you will need to do if you plan to use it whilst living in the UK.

Therefore, whilst it may seem appealing to head to the continent to pick up a car yourself, in reality, with so many hoops to jump through when importing a car, it will often actually simply cause you more hassle to try and bring it over yourself. Not only will a car need to clear customs in this country, but it will also need to meet certain criteria to then be registered as a UK car.

The right car importer will be able to not only ship your car to the UK, but also ensure that it is ready to meet the standards needed to pass an individual vehicle approval (IVA) test.

Once the car has been tested, an application needs to be made to the DVLA and again, the right vehicle shipping company will also ensure that this is done as quickly and effectively as possible. Taking the time to go over to another country and collect a car yourself then charging one company to run a test and another to make the relevant application will actually end up costing far more money than simply getting one company to import the car for you and take care of every single step.

The entire process can be very long and complicated if you have no experience in such things. The right company will speed every part of the process up for you and ensure that you have the car you want as quickly as possible and with no hassle at whatsoever.

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