Can You Use Plastic Guttering Systems on Period Homes?

There is no doubt about it; plastic guttering systems are the best choice of materials to use. They are lightweight, strong, durable and very easy to fit onto any type of house. They also have an advantage because they will not rust. However, what if you have a beautiful older home which was built in a period style? Can you still use plastic guttering systems on a heritage building or will they look out of place?

Most of the older homes use cast iron drainage systems, which are beautiful but have problems with rusting and cracking. In order to replace these guttering systems you need to buy replacement cast iron guttering which is very expensive, heavy and difficult to fit.

You might be tempted to use ordinary plastic guttering systems in your period home for the ease and convenience, but doing so would ruin the effect of the old-fashioned style of the house. However, there is a solution to the problem of fitting guttering on a period home which is attractive and functional:

Cast Iron Effect Plastic Guttering Systems

There is a way that you can enjoy all of the benefits of plastic guttering systems while still maintaining the look of your period home. There are certain styles of guttering systems which look like they are made with traditional cast iron but they are actually made with plastic. They even include black fixing bolts which will complete the traditional period look.

Thanks to these cast iron imitation plastic guttering systems you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Your house will be beautifully designed and remain true to the look and feel of the era that it was built in. However, you will enjoy the better performance and ease of maintenance which comes with using plastic guttering systems. It is the technology of the new world combined with the beauty of the old world.

If you have a period home and you are wondering how you will fit the property with guttering, this cast iron imitation guttering might just be the perfect option for you.

What sort of plastic guttering systems can you use on a period home? Imitation cast iron guttering systems will give you the ease of plastic with the attractive look of cast iron.