Cloud computer services make flexible working easier

There are many different computer services for firms to take advantage of these days and the type of offerings companies go for can have a major impact on how they operate. For example, cloud IT services can help businesses to operate more flexibly, it has been pointed out.

Writing on ZDNet UK, Intel’s Alan Priestly noted that take-up of remote computing provisions like this is driving the rise in flexible working practices. He remarked: “A case in point is business start-ups which are not constrained by fixed infrastructure. They can access the computer resources they need on the move and as easily as if they were in the office.”

He also pointed out that computer services of this kind essentially involve firms paying for what they need in terms of IT services and getting this when they want it.

Mr Priestly commented: “In principal start-up companies can get off the ground, and major organisations reorient their infrastructure, in days – as they don’t need onerous capital investment for IT infrastructure.”

He went on to note that working practices are also changing to meet the increasing use of cloud IT services. According to the expert, job roles within IT departments are changing. For example, cloud specialist, cloud architect and cloud alliance manager are “increasingly commonplace” job functions.

Mr Priestly also stated that there are a number of “compelling” benefits associated with cloud computing both for employees and bosses. For example, they can help workers to achieve a better work-life balance, he suggested.

Meanwhile, remote working is “certainly common” for many individuals these days and the prevalence of these practices will increase in the near future, he predicted.

Thankfully, it is now easier than ever for companies to take advantage of services like this. As long as they know where to look, they can benefit from great value cloud solutions.

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