A used spray booth: Spray Paint with Clout.

A used spray booth is no oil painting; that much is obvious. But, for a paint spray booth that is functional, reliable, safe AND secure, the advantages of a commercial used spray booth by far outweigh those of purchasing a brand new paint spray booth, which can be a huge burden on your already- tight budget. In essence, what a used spray booth from leading suppliers of paint spray booth, ‘Filter Rite’ lacks in aesthetic appeal it by far, makes up in cost effectiveness, profitability, reliability, affordability AND longevity.

Here at Filter Rite, through the maintenance and provision of used spray booth and a paint spray booth for ANYONE; commercial and domestic alike, we truly are proving the old proverb wrong: You really CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Some of you may be questioning the reliability of a refurbished, used spray booth and are still airing towards the purchase of a new paint spray booth but, a ‘change is as good as a rest’ and the TLC we put into each used spray booth we makeover is second-to-none and we pride ourselves on our ‘attention-to-detail’ approach. So, let us guide you in the right direction because, as an elite provider of a used spray booth suitable for a number of working environments, Filter Rite are leading the way for commitment to product quality and reliability and, we promise to restore and install your paint spray booth quickly and safely, with no disruption to your working day. We are all- encompassing and have a used spray booth for garages, car modifiers and decorators alike and will use our expertise to ensure an incredibly swift turn around. From order to installation of your used spray booth or new paint spray booth, we are with you every step of the way.

From the birth of our specialist used spray booth and paint spray booth company- centrally located in the UK – we are fast- gaining a reputation to be proud of; for second-to-none customer service, ability, experience and knowledge. What’s more, for a used spray booth within any dwindling budget; we are affordable to boot… For a paint spray booth that won’t make your wallet cry out in pain, we are the veritable ‘heavy weight’ giant force to contend with!

A used spray booth from Filter Rite: for a legal spray; today.



Filteritefinishingsystems.co.uk has so many top notch, reliable and robust used spray booth units which are affordable to boot. A paint spray booth is considered highly desirable due to its superior quality.