IPAF Training: Literally the Difference Between Life and Death.

Take heed and listen to what the experts say: ‘Retention is best when the learner is involved.’ If you are a manager or business owner working in the construction industry using spiderlift equipment, let your employees take some of the strain an ‘aim higher’ with effective IPAF training from ‘Higher Access’- UK leading suppliers of IPAF training and spiderlift equipment; renowned nationwide for trusted, reliable and affordable training solutions (and trusted spiderlift equipment) that are easily followed; promising a first- time pass rate second-to-none.


Training- IPAF training specifically – in the use of work equipment like a spiderlift is a lawful requirement nationwide and employers are obliged to provide training for their workers. IPAF training was created by industry experts and continues to be the blanket training requirement in the construction industries, especially those who predominantly use a spiderlift in the workplace. IPAF does not provide the training itself but it is supplied at a number of training centres nationwide, regularly attended by IPAF inspectors. To ensure training longevity, participants are required to attend regular IPAF training refresher courses. Some employers find the expense of IPAF training an inconvenience but, when compared to the cost of legal fees should anything untoward happen as a result of unqualified use of a spiderlift, this is truly minimal!


So, do you work in any of the industries that require your staff to work at heights or operate a spiderlift and thus far, are yet to seek a reputable provider of IPAF training? Higher Access are of the ultimate ‘training saves lives’ ethos and, for reliability and affordability remain unrivalled.


Higher Access recognises that everyone is unique and, it is for this reason that their IPAF training is completely tailored; group- to- group, individual- to- individual; to a plethora of different people. Their IPAF training courses promise to be 100% understandable, straight forward and digestible and what’s more, each employee you receive back will be fully able (and safe) to operate a range of spiderlift equipment; also available affordably and readily at Higher Access!

Higher Access don’t see training through rose tinted glasses; they can see that most people see formal training as a tiresome waste of time which is why they developed their ‘what I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand’ way of thinking. For a personalised approach to IPAF training, Higher Access is leading the way for individuality and respectability and has a team crammed packed with passionate tutors with a proven track record for in success.


Forget superstitious twaddle because walking under ladders is only unlucky if it’s being held by an unqualified operator: IPAF training for a safe and able workforce.



IPAF training needs to be carried out by skilled and qualified specialists who really know what they are talking about. Higheracces.co.uk has a veritable plethora of top notch, affordable spiderlift equipment.