Is the End in Sight for No Win No Fee?

The laws governing no win no fee court proceedings has been changing gradually over the past few years. Originally set out as a way in which the less affluent members of society could get the representation they deserved, over time it started to become a way that lawyers could increase their fee at the expense of those they were fighting.

With so much confusion about how no win no fee actually worked, and just how beneficial it was for those looking to take court action, it needed to be simplified and altered to ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Many alterations are being made to the laws regarding personal injury compensation, and with the changing laws governing road traffic accidents about to spell the end for many no win no fee cases in that field, many people are wondering whether this form of litigation is on its way out.

Ultimately, no win no fee cases are extremely important to ensure that those without a great deal of expendable income are able to afford the right representation to take on those companies or individuals with far greater financial backing. It ensures that personal injury solicitors are accessible to all and not just a privileged few.

However, laws are indeed changing to ensure that people are not making fraudulent or frivolous claims for personal injury compensation just because they know they have nothing to lose. The changes that are likely to be made to the laws of no win no fee cases are therefore in the best interests of all parties.

So, whilst things are changing, there is still plenty of life left in no win no fee claims. However, you may now have to prove the validity of your case in advance or undergo mediation before you look at utilising personal injury solicitors to get you compensation.

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