A Real Physics Lesson

It may be easy to assume that you do not like physics. After all, in school, physics lessons were often enough to drive the majority of us to sleep, scratching at the surface of many different areas, but without really going into the depth needed to actually pique the interest. Likewise, quantum physics is often used as a metaphor for anything that is hard to grasp or generally unfathomable and, as such, the majority of people assume that the truly interesting areas of physics will simply be above their heads.

This, however, is not true. Physics covers a huge range of different areas from the creation of the universe itself through to the way in which the planets themselves work. In many ways, simply buying yourself astronomical telescopes and studying the night sky will give you a far better physics lesson than you will have ever had in school.

Learning about the universe through self-study is extremely easy too. Whether you work things out for yourself using those telescopes or whether you have a helping hand with one of the many science magazines or books available to buy, even just a slightly improved knowledge of physics can often make one look at the world in a whole new light. From multiverse theory to what really kick started creation, whilst much of physics remains theory (until proven 100% accurate), you may well be surprised at just how much reality has in common with your favourite sci-fi movies.

After all, what they don’t teach you in school is that it is physics that gives the base to science fiction and, as such, physics should really be the most interesting lesson going. However, with just the right telescopes and a little bit of background knowledge, you may well be able to put those memories of dull science lessons to bed forever and start to understand not only more about the universe, but also possibly more about yourself too.

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