Vibram outdoor clothing is perfect for barefoot running

Running is a hugely popular pastime, but not everyone is content with a few laps of the local park. Serious enthusiasts like to get into the great outdoors and hit the trails in the mountains. Extreme barefoot running is a movement that is catching on and serious athletes are getting involved.

Running in these extreme environments means getting kitted out properly first. It’s exciting and challenging to run peaks and fells, but it’s also potentially dangerous too. Lightweight waterproof jackets are essential should the rain come sweeping in over the hills. However, with the right outdoor clothing it’s possible get involved in barefoot running and exercise in more extreme environments.

Manufacturers are clocking on to these exercise trends and increasingly releasing clothing and equipment geared up to meet runners’ needs. Vibram are leading the way with their range of outdoor clothing that is protective, waterproof and lightweight. Perfect for anyone keen to get out into the great outdoors and test their barefoot running skills.

Naturally when it comes to waterproof jackets enthusiasts want designs that can be easily stowed away when not needed. When a downpour is imminent then they can just reach for their jacket to keep dry. Runners don’t want to be weighed down. Cutting edge breathable fabrics mean that jackets can be extremely thin, but still keep the elements out. Perfect for this kind of sport in this kind of environment.

E-outdoor can help anyone get equipped and kitted out ready to take on these challenges. They understand the outdoors and the different ways their customers like to enjoy the great wide open spaces. Here they can find the Vibram range available for a little less than on the street. Thanks to e-outdoor it’s possible to buy top quality outdoor clothing without paying over the odds.

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