Going with the Wind

There are very few journeys you can take that are left completely up to luck and chance. On the road, it is impossible to simply lose yourself in the countryside, as the road signs will be there to give you a constant reminder of where you are and where you are going.

Likewise, there are only so many places you can get to by car, and even when walking there will be certain natural barriers that stop you from simply going with the flow and just seeing where you end up.

However, with hot air balloon flights, you truly do get to go wherever the wind takes you. Whilst this phrase may be employed more as metaphor in everyday life, by taking balloon rides, your course will be determined almost totally by the wind.

As such, for those who truly want to escape and simply see where they end up, balloon rides are one of the only ways to get such a unique feeling and to truly have your course determined by factors outside your control.

Of course, those piloting these balloons can use their many skills to navigate to an extent, catching different airstreams at different heights, but there can be no concrete plan of where you will travel before you go and, as such, you get a unique experience every single time, something lacking from almost any other form of transport.

For anyone who loves to travel, a hot air balloon offers something that cannot be experienced through any other means. Whilst you can see the world from the air in aeroplanes, hot air balloon flights allow you to control your altitude to see magnificent vistas in all their glory or smaller sights up close and very personal.

So whilst going up in balloons gives you the freedom to leave your journey up to chance, it also gives you the ability to control exactly what you see and how at the very same time.

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