Feel safe in the knowledge that your cat is receiving the very best care

Britain is famous for being a nation of animal lovers, almost half of all U.K. households own a pet we share our homes with 7.3 million dogs and 7.2 million cats. As well as providing a constant source of friendship, enjoyment and fun it is no surprise that our pets are often referred to as “one of the family”. Tanner Cats Boarding Cattery understand how much your cat means to you and so have developed a premium cattery London service to ensure your special pet is looked after in the best possible way when you are away. We realise that choosing a cattery London can be difficult and we also know that leaving your furry friend can be a worry so we have developed the best possible temporary home (in our opinion!) to alleviate your worries and ensure that your cat receives the very best attention and is safe, secure and comfortable with our fantastic luxurious cattery.

Tanner Cats is based in Essex and with our wealth of experience, professionalism and genuine love of felines we have gained a well deserved reputation as amongst the very best cattery London. We pride ourselves on being a little bit different; our service is unique in that we aim to provide all the little extras that your cat receives at home. Our facility was purpose built to help us achieve these goals. The accommodation alone makes it a luxury cattery with a spacious and secure pen with separate sleeping areas as we know that cats can be quite private. We choose UPVC for the accommodation to combat any cross contamination and ensure that the areas can be thoroughly sterilized after each visitor. Our luxury cattery service also includes high quality bedding, scratch posts and an assortment of toys to make sure they are all stimulated during their stay.

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A cattery London needs to accommodate all felines and house them in comfortable, relaxing surroundings. Tannercats.co.uk is a well known luxury cattery which has an exemplary reputation.