When it comes to guttering cast iron isn’t always the right choice

Cast iron looks tough, sturdy and durable. The kind of solution that won’t leak or need replacing in a hurry, but is it always the best option? Not necessarily. Plastic guttering offers a very different alternative and one that certainly isn’t inferior.

The first thing to think about is cost. UPVC guttering tends to be more affordable, but this doesn’t mean that it is inferior in any way. Thanks to advances in the technology of the manufacture of materials it is tougher and longer lasting than ever before. This gives customers the best of both worlds. Durability and value for money.

Secondly customers need to think about the type of property they have and what it going to look right. Cast iron has a very traditional look and feel. It might look a little bit odd and out of place on the outside of a more modern home. Plastic guttering is going to more in tune with the property and fit with the overall look and feel.

Finally customers need to think about the longevity of any solution that they fit. The cost of replacing the current arrangements might be a little daunting, so the last thing they want to have to do it go through it all again just a few years down the road.

Again UPVC guttering ticks all of the boxes. It won’t wear out and start leaking in a hurry. It’s built to last and in some instances will come with a guarantee that lasts twenty years. That’s quite a statement of quality and longevity.

By keeping all of these considerations in mind people can make the right choice for their home. A choice that will look right and last for many years to come without letting customers down. And that could well be plastic or UPVC.

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