The Influx of Insurance Write-Offs onto The Second Hand Car Market

There are many cars that have been written off appearing back on the second hand market. And what may surprise many is that this is totally legal.

Whilst some write-offs should never legally be sold again (with some still managing to find their way back to the market in less lawful ways), any car that was written off by an insurance company simply to save some money could easily be sold again.

The reason insurers write cars off that might not necessarily be too dangerous to repair and might even cost less to repair than their value is because they can often get a huge percentage of what the car is worth from salvage companies and be far more in-pocket than if they paid for all the relevant recon and repair work themselves.

It is therefore integral for anyone who is looking to buy a car to utilise an HPI check. Whilst anyone selling such a car should tell you about any previous accidents, a huge percentage either won’t tell or won’t know and an HPI check is the only sure way to see whether the bargain you are getting is due to simply good fortune or down to the fact that the car has been in a serious accident before.

Whilst some smaller accidents may not worry you, a car check could reveal that the car has been in quite a serious accident, information that may well put you off from any purchase.

However, there are other reasons to use a car check to find out such information. If such information is not declared to insurance companies, they may refuse to pay out should there be a problem with the car or if you are in an accident in the car yourself, and you might just find that that bargain car ends up costing you a great deal of money.

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