The Dangers of a Cluttered House

Some people are adamant than an untidy house is good for them, explaining that they simply cannot find anything when the house is ordered and tidy. However, whilst this may be true is a few cases (and a case of self-denial and procrastination in others), having a cluttered and untidy house can also simply be dangerous.

Around three million people end up in hospital every year due to accidents around the house. This is nearly one in twenty people, and since it is only a minority of households that remain overly untidy throughout the year, the chances of clutter causing someone to trip and injure themselves is considerably high.

Many people have clutter (or even prefer clutter) simply because they have ineffective and unsuitable shelving. Many people own bookcases that do not suit the size and shape of their rooms and are even less suitable for the items being stored upon them. As such, it is hard to store belongings effectively and items will easily and quickly find their way back to the floors and tables.

Ineffectual tidying can cause accidents by simply hiding hazards too. The more untidy a home is, the more dangers that can be lurking, totally unseen. As such, the right shelving can also be important simply to ensure that any hazards can be seen and removed instantly.

The right bookcases and storage solutions will also make the home easier to clean, making it more hygienic and removing the chances of health being affected by infection too.

So whilst it may seem more homely and comfortable to keep your clutter lying about, it is likely to be a great deal safer (and healthier) to source appropriate storage and to ensure that each and every item has a dedicated place to be returned to after every time you use it.

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