How the Summer Causes Wrinkles

There are many ways in which the summer can cause wrinkles, and many people may be at risk without even knowing it. For instance, whilst we all know that sunshine causes the skin to dry out and in turn cause the skin to start to show wrinkles quicker, fewer people are aware that this process can take place even through a window.

On top of this, the actions that many of us perform during the summer can also cause wrinkles. For example, the bright summer sun will almost certainly cause many of us to squint against the bright daylight and therefore those Gucci sunglasses are not just going to be a style necessity, but also one that keeps you looking younger for longer.

Strangely it is not just those Gucci sunglasses that can save your skin in the summer. Drinking more water will also help as the heat will dehydrate you as much as direct sunlight. On top of that, avoid anything with antiperspirant in it as sweating may actually help you to avoid wrinkles.

So what should you do if you don’t want the gorgeous weather to leave you looking old before you time? Well, no matter how great you look with a tan, always put sun cream on, even when indoors. Choose some great designer shades such as D&G sunglasses to help avoid the crow’s feet that constant squinting can cause. And whilst you’re at it, a great hat might be the perfect accompaniment for those D&G sunglasses to better protect your skin.

It is easy to assume that hazy days will not harm your skin, but be prepared for as much of the year as possible, and no matter how much you might want to avoid sun cream and sunglasses, always make sure you wear them as soon summer comes round if you want to look good in the future and not just today.

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