Integrated solutions to educational HR payroll issues

HR payroll functions can be complex across a variety of different business sectors and sizes, and rarely more so than in the educational sector. Internal payroll personnel working at primary and secondary schools, academies, independent schools and colleges, and colleges of further education often have to navigate their ways through a minefield of extended considerations. It is hardly surprising that errors and incongruities can arise due to the sector specific expertise required in order to administrate the likes of teaching pay grades, scales and salaries, teachers’ pension schemes, and local Government pension schemes.

Numerous educational establishments have acknowledged that the responsibilities resting on the shoulders of their payroll representatives far outstrip those of some payroll professionals in other sectors. Many have found just the payroll solutions they sought by enlisting outsourced payroll companies specialising in educational payrolls. Schools, colleges and academies going down this route enjoy the luxury of flexibility. They can decide for themselves how much or how little of their payroll functions they prefer to outsource on a web based, bureau, or fully managed basis. The internal expertise and resources that they already have or do not have in house often influences the payroll services they ultimately opt in to.

Furthermore, many schools and colleges recognise the opportunity to save more time, money, and hassle by outsourcing their HR payroll, rather than simply taking up stand alone payroll services. Once again, sector specific know-how is required of outsourced HR payroll companies. In addition to the legislative issues that apply to all workplaces, schools and colleges also carry responsibilities for crucial tasks such as employment background checking

At Moorepay, our education division provides payroll solutions to more than 350 schools, colleges, and academies. We also provide integrated HR payroll services that are tailor made for educational establishments, freeing up both academic and non-academic staff to get on with running their facilities.

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