Risk assessments form a core part of good health and safety

Risk assessments form a core part of good safety practice. They allow health and safety departments to get a proper and thorough overview of situations and behaviour so that they can take necessary steps to redress and fix any safety related problems that arise. They are a vital tool in making sure that workers stay safe, a right that is protected by law.

The drawback however is that this can be a very resource intensive exercise. A paper based exercise can involved hundreds if not thousands of forms. Participants have to be chased to complete them and then the information needs to collected and analysed. It’s a big undertaking and one that might stretch internal resources to the limit.

Risk assessment consultants could be the answer. Firms can draw upon their expertise to deliver, manage and coordinate the entire exercise from start to finish. This means vital resources don’t have to be diverted away from core business activities in order to carry out risk assessments, many of which are compulsory under the terms of UK and European legislation.

For an office based organisation DSE is a huge challenge and compliance with it can be patchy. With so many computer users to assess it just isn’t realistic to tackle this task alone. Risk assessment consultants can step in and make sure anyone who works at a computer workstation does so safely and that employers are meeting their obligations to the employee and complying with the law in this area.

However, the use of consultants isn’t restricted to this one area. No matter whether an organisation needs to assess people, buildings or environmental matters, consultants can be brought in to manage the process more effectively. It’s a smarter way to achieve compliance and make the workplace a safer and more productive place to be.

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