Police cannot afford to compromise on tactical clothing

With so many news reports coming in from wars on foreign soil, it’s easy to forget about the threats that police officers have to deal with closer to home. While the UK is still very safe and there’s no reason for alarm, it’s important to remember that police officers are confronted by a variety of armed threats and it’s imperative to equip them for the job.

A knife culture has taken root in some of the larger cities and in London especially more and more firearms are finding their way onto the streets. Gangs involved in the drug trade are ruthless and will defend their operation at all costs. Police increasingly need tactical clothing in order to protect themselves when they are called on to intervene in dangerous situations like these.

Bullet proof vests are standard issue for police entering hostile situations where criminals are armed and prepared to use deadly force. Modern vests are incredibly lightweight. They give officers the protection they need without slowing them down. This makes them subtle too. They can be worn without being too obvious and alarming members of the public.

The very best tactical clothing is fit for use on the battlefield and it’s development and evolution is driven by the needs of the army. Increasingly these military calibre clothes and vests are being used on home soil to help protect police officers facing extremely hostile situations.

In a time of budget cuts it’s vitally important not to compromise the safety of officers in any way. Bullet proof vests can be the difference between surviving gun shot fire or not. This presents forces with a stark choice, but responsible forces know where they have to prioritise funds and that’s on officer welfare and safety. In some areas there’s no room for compromise or cutbacks.

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