Police officers increasingly rely on body armour

Even in a country like the UK the police are faced by armed criminals. Of course, fundamentally, this is a safe country, but even here situations arise where heavily armed criminals and terrorists pose a risk. Thankfully the average bobby on the beat doesn’t have to be heavily armed and armoured in order to carry out their patrols, but other police divisions need access to firearms and tactical clothing in order to deal with serious incidents.

Unfortunately in recent years the UK has become a target for terrorists. A gun culture has crept into bigger cities and these trends pose new challenges for our police officers. When faced by a terrorist threat or an armed drugs gang it’s vitally important for officers to be wearing body armour.

Modern tactical clothing is becoming ever more sophisticated. The battlefield is the driver for research and technological advances. It’s becoming ever more effective and lightweight, giving soldiers and police offers the protection they need without slowing them down and encumbering their movement.

Police officers are able to benefit from body armour that is fit for combat situations. It provides an unrivalled level of protection in the face of armed and dangerous criminal elements.

No one wants to see violence escalate on the streets of the UK, but as criminal mindsets change and gangs arm themselves with ever more powerful and dangerous weapons, then the police have to respond by protecting the officers who keep us all safe. Thankfully this kind of clothing and equipment is subtle. Officers can wear it under their regular gear without causing alarm.

Times are changing and the way the police operate has to change with it. Forces are increasingly reviewing the kit that they issue to protect their officers who deal with gun and knife related situations. They know that they have to protect them and strive to find the best solutions possible.

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