Reach for the Stars and Grab them with Green Screen Studio Hire London

If you fancy yourself the next Racy- Rhianna or Booty shaking- Beyonce, here at Green Screen Studio hire London, realise your dreams and reach for the stars. Our quality, reputable studio hire London, along with experienced filming staff can create- with you – a music video worthy of MTV! Additionally, other than the traditional ‘Dolly bird’ PR girls dressed as bunnies, distributing advertising material on the street, what better way to get your corporate message across than studio hire London, to accomplish a professional PR Video? And, if you work in a hotel, our TV studios London can accommodate the filming of your videographic promotional material.

Welcome to Green Screen Studio Hire. For studio hire London, our- fully equipped – modern, technologically- sound TV studios London are fast becoming renowned for their excellent filming and production results. And, along with a team of committed, experienced, professional filming and production staff, our reputation for customer service and success potential is second-to- none! For affordable studio hire London; at tentative studio hire London; effective studio hire London; versatile studio hire London- our TV studio London boasts ‘star’ potential above and beyond any other TV studios London and, that’s a fact.

Here at Green Screen Studio Hire London- TV studios London, located beside Brookmill Park – we never judge a book by its’ cover and pride ourselves on an ‘open door’ approach to studio filming. We are all- encompassing and take pride on how we handle our clients. From Country and Western singers, punk bands and hotel chains alike, everyone gets the same- superlative – treatment and- from initiation to completion – we are TV studios London who listen and moreover, we are TV studios London, who care.

At Green Screen studio hire London, as ‘attention to detail’ TV studios London, if you are a new, aspiring act ‘chomping at the bit’ to get to number 1 in the top 40, a struggling corporate chain in need of re- branding and a refreshed image or simply an amateur wannabe pop star with recording ambitions just to say you’ve ‘made it’- we are the perfect TV studios London… for you.



Live Vision are the media production company that can offer as much you need. If you’re looking for an indoor location for Studio Hire Londontheir facilities have been used for music, TV and film productions. They are a fully capable TV Studios London. It includes a green screen, lighting and even a full crew or video production if needed.