With a range of 72 colours, we have coloured silicone to suit every finish.

North West Sealants, based in Chorley, Lancashire have been supplying customer’s country wide with high quality and specific sealants for all types of application. With a wealth of over 45 years experience in the sealants field coupled with our stringent dedication to absolute customer satisfaction we are rightfully widely regarded as the very best sealant supplier in the country.

The service we provide covers the supply as well as the installation of sealants to the construction sector in which our customers come to us time and time again our percentage of repeat customers is unrivalled as our level of service is always of the same impeccable standard. We also have a specialised sealants sector in which we provide sealants for hospitals, clean rooms and pharmaceutical facilities, these micro biological sealants have been rigorously tested against alcide and spore cleanse to ensure the utmost cleanliness at all times, and also prevent the growth of MRSA, salmonella and Eco-li. All our sealants are manufactured with tough use in mind and are guaranteed for 10 years. We have also developed the perfect sealants for indoor and out door swimming pools ideal to combat the high percentage of chlorine.

We put ur success down to listening carefully to our customer’s feedback and improving where possible as well as providing the services we are asked for. One of the most popular requests has been for colour silicone. Our colour silicone products are now recommended by interior designers to ensure a fantastic finish on your bathroom or kitchen. Our range of Ottoseal coloured silicone comes in a variety of 72different colours with a shade to suit any interior decor. The coloured silicone can also be used with stone work and listed building projects and are perfect to ensure continuity and a seamless finish.

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Northwestsealants.co.uk has an extensive and wide ranging assortment of first rate, affordable and reliable coloured silicone products. All sealants bear the mark of quality and are quite simply irresistible.