Hear the difference on a DCS CD

It doesn’t matter how much cash you spend on speaker systems or VTL Amplifiers without a decent CD player to begin with you are simply wasting your time. People think that by upgrading their speaker systems this will improve their listening pleasure little realising that a DCS CD is all they require. A DCS CD embraces a host of feature-rich functions and it takes music to another level. This is a high end product that delivers amazing results, listen to a DCS CD for the first time and you’ll be blown away. A DCS CD is the type of audio equipment truly unleashes every single detail from the music that is being played.

Why makes a DCS CD sound so amazing?

The sound quality delivered from a DCS CD player is unlike anything else you are likely to have heard before. The DCS CD player actively reduces jitter and increases performance thanks to enhanced signal processing. You can upscale music using a DCS CD and it gives you a choice of playback modes. A DCS CD comes equipped with a digital volume control and you can connect it to VTL Amplifiers as well as connecting other digital sources to it at the same time. This high specification equipment improves filters and reveals finer detail within music as a result. It’s a powerful system wrapped up in a gorgeous design package, add a DCS CD player to your audio system and music will never sound the same again.

Find out more about a DCS CD

For more information about a DCS CD look for the manufacturer’s site online and here you’ll find the full technical specification for all the products in the range. Only you will know if a DCS CD will be right for your requirements, the same could be said for VTL Amplifiers as well. There are a number of different products in the entire DCS CD range so take the time to explore all avenues before you make a final decision. The company actually produces it’s own downloadable guide so if you want to find out more about how to improve your listening pleasure and think a DCS CD is right up your street, take a look at their website online.



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