For the complete waste water management system then contact Biobox

Are you looking for a business that can offer you a selection of the finest waste water systems in South Africa? Have you encountered an issue with sewage treatment, and hence are looking for a business that can offer you the most reliable systems of any business in South Africa? If this sounds all too familiar then you need only consider one name and that is Biobox.

So, what exactly is Biobox?

Biobox is the total waste water cycle management treatment system. We specialise in the design, supply, treatment and installation of such waste water treatment systems. Such systems are integral for irrigation, flushing, the washing process or even potable grade.

The waste water systems that we offer are synonymous with quality and affordability. In addition to the quality and affordability of Biobox waste water systems we are proud to offer a customer-centric service that surely cannot be matched by any other competing retailers. We go that extra mile to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the level of service that we offer, and with this our reputation has grown exponentially.

Indeed, whatever the water project you undertake, here at Biobox our waste water systems will manage your requirements effectively. Our complete turn-key approach to waste water treatment means that we can manage any and all issues that you may have. From feasibility through to planning and approvals, and even installation and commissioning we have the capacity to provide you with a waste water service that is second to none.

However, the principal benefit of the waste water treatment that we provide is that the process ensures that the quality of water produced is without equal. Our products exemplify affordability, and environmental suitability, and are safe and ease to use.

To find out more about the treatments that we can provide, or indeed to contact us with any queries that you may have then come to our website at:



Waste water needn’t be a costly problem for your company. is South Africa’s leading specialists in water cycle management. Their products and services allow for complete sewage treatment allowing you to reuse your water – even drink it!