Direct mail without the hassle

Every company needs to be proactive with its marketing. Of course marketing costs money, but without it there are fewer sales because companies just aren’t visible to their target markets. No one is going to buy if they don’t know that that company or organisation is out there.

One of the most popular forms of marketing is direct mail. Even in this age of email, direct mail still has a place in the world of business. Especially if it is made into something of an event. Everyone is deluged with email, most of which gets deleted. There’s still something special about opening a well crafted eye catching letter.

The only drawback of a direct mail campaign is the time and resource involved in getting it off the ground. And the worst part? The envelope stuffing. Try to do this manually in the office and it takes forever and distracts staff from their main duties. Which is why it pays to turn to a third party offering direct mail fulfillment services instead. They handle the logistics of a mail shot from start to finish using automated envelope stuffing machines to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It’s outbound marketing without the drain on internal resources.

International Logistics Group offer a range of different direct mail fulfillment services. They’ve been helping customers deliver mail shots for many years now, all of whom will testify just how reliable and dependable they are. With a fulfillment services partner on board, companies can up their marketing efforts. Having this extra resource to call upon as and when required is a real bonus. It’s the best way to target and sign up new customers.

The friendly team over at International Logistics Group are always on hand to discuss any of their fulfillment services. Call or email to discuss any potential projects.

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