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Our world has evolved where people realise that their health is their wealth and as well as the 21st century being more image conscious we have also become so much more health conscious. People today are much more willing to exercise and what better way to escape the daily hustle and bustle than to head into the great outdoors. It is the perfect place to refresh both the body and mind. So if it is something adrenaline charged, or excess equipment that needs to be transported Dura Trailers have the perfect car trailers for sale to fit absolutely everyone’s needs.

Dura Trailers, based in South Africa are dedicated trailer manufacturers with years of experience under our belts and a genuine love and commitment of our work we have accrued an unrivalled list of satisfied customers and are widely regarded as amongst the very best for trailer manufacturers in South Africa. Dura Trailers specialise in the manufacturing, service, repairs and customising of trailers as well as providing a wide variety of high quality car trailers for sale. Some of the most popular outdoor sports involve jet skis, bikes, motorcycles, or quad bikes, this specialized and often expensive equipment can not be carried in the usual family salon. Transport can be a problem but we have a solution bike trailers are a super alternative to expensive purpose built vans. We cover everything from cattle and quad trailers to jet ski and advert trailers. We realise that everyone has different individual requirements so our flexible trailer manufactures approach means we can create a trailer tailor made to your specification.

We are determined to uphold our fantastic reputation and will only use the very best grade A steel materials in all of our car trailers for sale, we adhere strictly to the National Traffic Act and our manufacturing procedures are all SABA approved.



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