Sahara Valley – quality infrared saunas for health spa mourners

Unlike tradition saunas which utilise air or steam as a way of heating the body indirectly, infrared saunas work by harness the power of infrared heaters which see infrared radiant heat being directly absorbed into the body.

Though invisible to the human eye, the effects of infrared radiation are clearly noticeable, with heat being transmitted throughout the entire body. Entirely safe, the infrared saunas provide users with a relaxing atmosphere, increasing core body temperatures and allowing those aches and pains to ease away as the infrared wavelengths are absorbed by the body.

Specialising in high quality infrared saunas, Sahara Valley are a company who pride themselves on their ability to make infrared saunas that are perfectly suited for home sauna installation projects. With the infrared saunas from Sahara Valley no longer are you required to head out to the spa or the gym each and every time you’re looking to de-stress, un-wind and relax.

Unlike other companies who provide infrared saunas, Sahara Valley are a company who can boast some of the most ingenious home sauna designs, working closely with their clients to provide infrared saunas that are able to be implemented into their homes to provide a spa quality, sophisticated atmosphere.

With much talk generated about the new technology utilised in the infrared saunas from Sahara Valley, the build quality of the rest of the sauna system is second to none. Using mature Canadian wood for its durability and resistant qualities, these infrared saunas are manufactured with careful attention to detail, ensuring that only the best materials are used in their production.

To find out more about the infrared saunas from Sahara Valley, visit them online today and enjoy all the benefits that infrared saunas can provide in the comfort and surroundings of your own home.



Infrared Saunas from Until you’ve tried one, you will not truly appreciate the benefits of an infrared sauna. Visit us today if you are looking for Home Sauna.