Simplelife Mobility Rollators

Simplelife Mobility is a leading supplier of all mobility products. They understand that shopping for such items can be difficult and stressful and so aim to make the experience as simple as possible. An easy-to-use website and clear item descriptions help customers to find precisely what they need.

Simplelife Mobility offer a great deal of rollators for those looking for a walking aid. A rollator is similar to a standard walker. However, it has a seat made for resting on part way through a journey, as sometimes people with mobility limitations can find it hard to walk for longer distances. Rollators can also handle heavier weights than standard walkers available. Another advantage is that as the rollator has wheels, moving around whilst using it is far easier to do than in a standard walker, which must be lifted up with each turn. In addition, the wheels help to combat uneven or rough terrain.

A range of 4 and 3 wheeler rollators are available from Simplelife mobility in a range of colours and shopping bags may be included with some models. Prices start from as little as £47. Simplelife is happy to advise customers on which type of rollator would best suit their needs and customer assistance is available seven days a week.

When choosing a rollator, a customer must take several points into consideration. Firstly, how much weight does the rollator need to be able to hold? Clearly, the rollator must be able to comfortably carry the weight of the user. Secondly, how high do the handles of the rollator need to be? A taller person will naturally need a rollator with higher handles. Next, how much is the person using the rollator able to lift? This is a key question, as the user will need to be able to push and lift the rollator on occasion. Lastly, what terrain will the rollator be used on? Some rollators with larger wheels are more suitable if the user is going to be walking across grass, pavement and gravel. The answers to these questions will affect the purchasing decision.

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