Are Football Figures a great gift for a footy-mad friend?

Now that Spanish national football team have retained their European trophy you can bet that Spanish Football Figures will be in great demand. Football fanatics are going to love the latest Football Figurines and Spanish fans have the opportunity to collect a wide range of Football Figures with stars like Andres Iniesta Lujan, Xavier Hernandez and Cesc Fabregas amongst some of the players represented from the national team.

England might have gone out of the Euros with a bit of whimper but that won’t stop people collecting Football Figures from our national team. The likes of Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard can be found in the collection of Football Figures along with Andy Carroll, John Terry and the other players from the England squad.

Build a team using Football Figurines

If you are passionate about soccer and love to watch the top stars play for club and country why not build up your own collection of Football Figures? It doesn’t matter who they play for you could create your own ‘dream team’ of Football Figures and have today’s superstars lining up side by side.

Imagine having the mighty Messi lining up next to Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs playing alongside Robin Van Persie? That’s the type of scenario you can create with Football Figures because you can create your own matches using the playful and highly detailed figures. Have the world’s top players working together as a team; you’re the manager when you invest in fun and highly realistic football figures.

How is that possible?

Football Figures are completely manoeuvrable you can articulate them as exactly as you like, the Football Figurines come with moving arms, legs and knees and you can pose them using 18 different movements. Plus the Football Figures come with a spring-loaded kicking action so you can fire home 50 yard screamers from way down the pitch or make that simple pass to a team mate.

Pass, shoot and score with Football Figures and they provide hours of fun, it’s totally addictive and great for all the family. Available from a variety of stockists, Football Figures are the perfect present for that footy-mad person in your life, or simply treat yourself to your favourite player.



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