The importance of Fire protection systems

Fire protection systems are essential in most commercial and industrial settings to ensure that fires can be controlled in the event of an emergency. Investing in fire protection systems can help save people’s lives and every workplace should have one or a number of fire safety officers who will take charge in the event of a fire. There are many different fire protection systems and fire extinguishers and businesses should purchase these from companies who specialise in this equipment as they will offer a full design, supply, installation and maintenance service to make sure every setting has the right fire protection systems to meet their needs. There are many different fire protection systems for different fire risks and hazards and ensuring workplaces have the correct equipment is essential to help protect staff, customers and visitors in the event of a fire.

The various different fire protection systems include CO2 fire extinguishers, dry power fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, CO2 and DCP trolley units, lay flat hoses, hose reels, nozzles, hydrants, power for fire extinguishers, Hydrex, safety signs and breathing apparatus. Companies who supply these fire protection systems will be able to conduct fire surveys and risk assessments of business premises which will highlight any potential risks and hazards within the building and offer solutions to minimise the risk using suitable fire protection systems and fire extinguishers. Fire protection systems specialists will also offer service and refurbishment services annually or as and when this is required and they will also be able to inspect and check equipment monthly to see if any maintenance is needed and to ensure systems are in full working order to offer the protection required in the event of a fire.

Different fire extinguishers are available for controlling different types of fires. In workplaces where hazardous gases or chemicals are used it is vital that the correct type of fire extinguishers are in place to handle this type of fire. Companies who offer fire protection systems will have a wide range of fire extinguishers for effectively controlling all kinds of fires.


From lightweight fire extinguishers to advanced fire protection systems, the equipment on offer at can offer the ultimate protection from fire for your home or business.