Going Private Gives You a Multitude of Options for HIV Testing

Advances in medicine and technology have now made it much easier to provide quick and reliable HIV testing to those who want it. If you suspect that you may have come into contact with someone who has or could have the virus, then you can have a test taken by a private doctor as soon as 10 days after contact. With a private health clinic or doctor, confidentiality, reliability and speed are key, so many clinics across the UK are now using these new forms of technology in order to be able to give patients instant results.

INSTI HIV testing technology gives accurate results within just one minute, although it is only appropriate for those who have been potentially exposed to the virus at least 90 days before testing. If you need testing for an incident which occurred more recently, then the standard DUO HIV test will be more suitable. This test detects the virus 28 days after exposure. For a test 10 days after contact, the Multiplex HIV test will be the one you need.

Samedaydoctor has four private clinics across the UK which provide these HIV tests and which can give you your results in complete confidence within four hours. Your results won’t be shared with your GP, unless you consent to do so, and you can even get tested in complete anonymity if you prefer by giving an alias.

For even further anonymity, you can even get yourself tested without ever meeting the private doctor face-to-face. The laboratory-based HIV testing kit provides you with everything you need to give a saliva sample and send it off for testing, although again this works best if the encounter was over three months ago. Apply for your kit and receive your negative results easily online in complete confidence and privacy.

For more information please visit – samedaydoctor.co.uk/travel-clinic.aspx

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