Put Your Mind at Ease with Confidential STD Testing

Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) don’t have any symptoms or have symptoms which are extremely common to a number of different problems, making it hard for those who have one to know that there is anything amiss in that area. Consequently, the only way to know for sure that you don’t have one is to have an STD test. Anyone who has ever had unprotected sex should seriously consider having an STD test because STDs are so easily transmitted from one partner to another. It could be that your partner has had unprotected sex previously with someone who was affected and they have infected you in turn. If you could have been infected by a previous sexual partner, you should also consider the health of your current (and potential future) partner.

For young people in particular who still visit a family doctor, worries about others finding out about their testing can be a particular concern and a barrier to them getting tested. A private STD clinic or GUM clinic however is completely confidential – your test will not go on your permanent national medical record and you can even get tested under another name and address if you wish. All information you provide at the STD clinic will remain completely confidential and won’t be passed on to your normal GP.

A private clinic can give you an appointment without having to join a long waiting list, and many also offer walk-in clinics where you can be seen quickly and packs which allow you to take your own sample for testing at home and which is then sent off for laboratory testing.

Whichever route you decide to go down, don’t let your worries put you off getting tested. STDs can have serious implications for your health, including affecting fertility and reproduction, so it is important to get yourself tested for your own peace of mind.

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