Getting Paid to Be in a Film

The film world seems like a clandestine realm that is closed off but to a special lucky few who manage to make the journey to this ethereal realm. However, in reality, almost anyone can be in a film, experience the wonder of making a movie and actually get paid for the privilege too.

Extras are needed all the time, and no experience is likely to be necessary. Whilst there are agencies that specialise in managing such ‘background artists,’ in reality you do not even need to go this route and, instead, you will be able to find out about extra roles online whenever you want.

Whether you have a very flexible schedule and would rather make money by being on a film set, or whether you want to find a way into an professional acting career, searching for jobs as extras can not only be creatively and emotionally rewarding, but also surprisingly financially rewarding too, allowing you to be paid quite handsomely for what is simply a great deal of fun.

Sites such as Audition Now will keep you updated on any potential films that might be suitable for you, sending you texts when each new job is released. The service is for people 18 years and over only, costing £1.50 per text with max 3 texts per week. The roles will vary from TV shows to major feature films with international stars, and you will even find that you can get access to major acting auditions by using the same service.

No matter whether you have been acting all your life or simply want to give it a go, there will be all manner of acting auditions available to you and whether you want to fast track yourself into the best extra roles or even try your luck at auditioning for larger roles, anyone can find themselves in major films, and be paid extremely well for the pleasure.

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