Man turns shed into pub

Lots of people around the UK have garden sheds. After all, wooden sheds can serve a range of purposes and they can also add character to outdoor spaces. Many consumers use these constructions as extra storage space, while some individuals utilise them as workshops.

However, one man from Scotland has demonstrated a somewhat unusual use. According to a report in the Ayrshire Post, Garry Logan has turned his shed into a pub. The 35-year-old has spent two years transforming the shelter into a bar and it is now a “fully functional mini boozer”.

Measuring just eight feet by ten feet, the small shed plays host to regular gatherings for live football games and its owner is now competing to win the title of owning Britain’s best shed.

He remarked: “My wife, Jennifer, is just glad of the peace and quiet when the lads come round because we head to the hut and the girls have the house to themselves.”

Meanwhile, talking about how he got the cash to start work on the shed, he said: “I raised the initial £650 to buy the hut by selling gadgets on eBay. I sold my laptop, phone, camcorder, xbox, camera and various other things and it’s been a bit of an obsession for the last few year trying to make the place look and feel like a pub.”

It seems Mr Logan has succeeded in creating an impressive boozer. Talking about people’s reactions when they enter it, the Ayr United fan added: “The expression on people’s faces when they first see the place makes it all worthwhile. It’s great because you can have your own company, music and cheap drink plus it’s just a ten second walk home so no need for a taxi.”

These days, it is simple for consumers to buy garden sheds. As long as they know where to look, they can find wooden sheds that meet all their requirements.

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