Get the perfect fit with plus size bras

Bra shopping can often be a daunting experience. Not only can the curvier lady find it difficult to find plus size underwear that looks good but getting the fit right can be tricky too, but if you go about it the right way you’ll be able to find plus size bras for the perfect fit.

Get the size right

Any woman should get measured on a regular basis, because anything from weight gain/loss to pregnancy and aging can have an impact on your cup size. Make sure to go to specialist retailers that are familiar with the fuller figure to get measured properly (not only will they have experience but it also ensures they’ll have a great range of suitable underwear on offer), and from then on you’ll need to remember a few important points when bra shopping:

• When trying on a bra always make sure it’s on the middle hook, ensuring that it’ll fit you even if your weight changes.
• The strap should be tight enough but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable, and if it rides up at the back it signifies that the cup size is too small and not the band.
• The front of the bra (the piece between the two cups) should rest against on the breastbone and the wires should sit flat against your body without digging in.
• If there’s sagging, overflow, gaping or riding up you need to try a different size.

With the right size and a bit of careful shopping you’ll soon be able to find plus size bras that offer the perfect fit, and don’t worry about not finding big bras in flattering designs—if you head to the right retailers you’ll find plenty of options specially designed for the fuller figure, with big bras giving you the support you need and the look you want.

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