Get maternity style the celeb way

If you’re looking to achieve the perfect maternity style, you can’t go wrong by following in celebrity footsteps. They always seem to look so effortlessly put together, even at times when the rest of us struggle to stay stylish, and that probably goes some way to explaining why so many of them have released their very own range of maternity clothes. So why not try them out?

By opting for celeb-created maternity lines you’ll be one step closer to achieving the ideal maternity style, because if it works for them then it can work for the rest of us too. Jessica Simpson is just the latest famous face to announce a clothing range—due to be released later this year, the collection is said to have a distinctly 70s vibe with styles that will flatter your changing body as well as your bump. But, it doesn’t stop there. Other stars with maternity lines include Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum, and even Beyoncé is even said to be working on a collection—with so much choice of maternity wear, any one of us can stay looking red carpet ready throughout pregnancy and beyond.

The best part about celeb-designed ranges is that not only have the stars themselves been pregnant but they also know what it takes to look good, and that combination of experience and fashion credentials means they’re bound to hit the right notes. It could be the perfect way to stay looking good during those nine months, or if you haven’t got the budget for celebrity maternity wear you could always take inspiration from their range and hunt out your very own alternatives. The choice is yours, but if you follow in their footsteps you could get maternity style the celeb way to be left with maternity clothes that work.

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