The Dangers of Electric in the Workplace

Electricity is one of the biggest dangers in any workplace, and yet we are so used to its constant presence around us that it is very easy to become complacent. The reason for our complacency is the fact that the majority of electrical cables and sockets in any workplace are kept very well maintained and that therefore its presence does not even get noted by us.

And yet around 1000 accidents in the workplace each year involve electricity. This means that, no matter how well you may assume your electrical equipment or sockets are being maintained, there is still the chance for someone to become seriously injured or even killed by way of electrocution.

On top of serious injury or death from electrocution itself, there are other dangers to bear in mind. Electric shocks can lead to falls, or even to fires, both of which can cause both injury/death and a huge amount of costly damage to assets and property.

This means that no matter how complacent we are with electricity, electrical testing and inspection will still be imperative. Every business should maintain its electrical systems and appliances in a safe working order – whether this is by fixed wire testing or portable appliance testing.

Electrical testing and inspection is not a legal requirement for most businesses. However, keeping all electrical equipment safe is, and without the likes of fixed wire testing you cannot ever be sure that your premises are completely safe.

Whilst there are many resources online to help you assess the risks, without the equipment and knowledge to carry out the right tests, your staff and your business as a whole could still be at serious risk.

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