Power Plate London – Feel the Burn!

What some people get from joining a gym; weight loss, muscle tone, improved appearance, enhanced fitness, the chance to meet new friends and a sense of personal achievement. The others; the joy of communal changing rooms, exposure to a whole host of bodily excretions and every 8 hour day at work seeming like a 12 hour stretch at the very thought of the physical challenge awaiting them on ‘gym night.’

To be frank, joining the gym isn’t at the top of most people’s Bucket List. Indeed – the very thought of entering a gym where you will be greeted with the joyous task of sweating it out alongside some of the smelliest, sweatiest of fellow gym- goer’s – makes most people recoil in horror and only hold tighter to the Mars Bar they’re clutching so faithfully onto!

There is an alternative however. Power Plate London are the next generation of fitness technology and what they can achieve in 20 minutes- with only a little puffing and blowing on your part –a half- hearted gym visit can only realise in 60! And what’s more, a power plate London won’t have you leaving the gym in the sodden stupor promised should you choose to remain faithful to your Reebok Classics.

There are many benefits of using a power plate London. To burn calories, boost metabolism, reduce the appearance of cellulite and lose weight fast, a power plate London is the ideal alternative to weakening your knees by pounding the pavements at 5am every morning before work and will cost a whole lot less than joining Total Fitness too!

To name but a few of the advantages of using power plate London as opposed to other forms of physical exertion; a power plate London can utilised by literally anyone, even if they suffer from a physical complaint and in fact, can even improve certain conditions; a power plate London can repair old injuries and prevent new ones occurring and furthermore, should you work out on a power plate London, you will never need to feel the shame of undressing so publically ever again!

If after hearing all of that, you still feel your life is too hectic to fit in a session on a power plate London just a couple of times per week, think again.

To use a power plate London, even in your lunch hour, Power Flex Studios don’t just have one power plate London, they have an incredible range of power plate London for you to use whenever you like! To find out more and book a quick induction, call or visit them today.



A power plate London from powerflexstudios.co.uk will help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with not a great deal of effort. This power plate London City is not only desirable, but also affordable.