Injuries Sustained In Public Areas

Injuries can occur anywhere when you least expect it. If you were in a public area, however, it might not occur to you that you can make a compensation claim through a personal injury solicitor. Every public area is maintained by an authority and are expected to be safe – whether it is a park or the street, certain requirements must be met. All parks pavements and roads must be usable by a variety of different members of the public and if you feel that your injuries could have easily been prevented if the right authorities properly maintained the area, then you should contact your personal injury lawyers. They will be able to advise you on how best to proceed, which may result in a claim for compensation.

Injuries sustained in public areas comes with certain requirements of you. For instance, you must inform your local authority or council about the injury and be able to provide details of the accident in an accident book. If there were any witnesses that can vouch for your story, then it will be important to have their details as well, including their name and address. Photographs of the cause of your accident is also vital as it will help your personal injury solicitor to construct the case.

If you have been injured as a result of a raised pavement, your personal injury lawyers will inform you that the raised pavement must be over an inch above the surrounding pavement. This can necessitate using a ruler to demonstrate the height of the pavement when taking the photograph.

Your solicitors will be able to answer any more questions you have about the compensation claim process, as well as being able to give you detailed information about the law and the claim you can make.

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