What exactly is a whelping Box?

A whelping box? A what- box?

A Whelping box (or nesting pen) is designed to protect puppies during the birthing process (whelping) and throughout early life by keeping them safely contained; protected from cold and removed from any possibility of crushing and smothering by their mother.

A whelping box can vary in length, depth and material. Indeed, a whelping box can be somewhat improv produced using ad hoc cardboard- discarded from the last big shop – alone. However, typically a whelping box is purpose built from a hardy wood item like Plywood.

The sides of a whelping box are designed to be high enough to safely contain lively puppies with aspirations to enter the outside world sooner than they should, yet low enough to allow the mother to enter and leave with ease.

A whelping box is by no means simple in construction and the proportions of any whelping box must take into account the level at which a mother’s mammary glands lie post- birthing. The bottom of a whelping box is usually lined with waterproof protective fabric (or even newspaper) to provide insulation from cold floors and absorb surplus fluids and bodily excretions.

A low rail (a guard rail) is usually present around the outside of whelping boxes; to protect puppies from being trodden on by the mother as she rolls during sleep or whilst birthing and are considered imperative with larger dog breeds.

Dogs aren’t privileged enough to have a birthing partner, nor will they have the comforting hand of a loved- one to hold during the difficult, painful birthing process so, if you are a dog breeder, ensure you satisfy the comfort needs of your breeding dogs and purchase a professionally designed and constructed disposable whelping box from PETNAP.

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