What Risks do Modern Schools Face?

Each and every school is different, and whilst there are likely to be very modern threats that were not present in schools even a decade ago, the risks faced by different schools are still likely to be extremely vast and varied.

Therefore, rather than discussing what risks modern schools face, it makes far more sense to understand how to assess the risks posed to each individual school. For example, the needs of a small and successful rural primary school will be very different to those of an under-performing sixth form college in the heart of a city.

However, one thing that almost all schools will need is the right access control, albeit for very different reasons. For example, primary schools may well need to protect their students far more and ensure that only those allowed to be on site are indeed on site at any time. Likewise, a secondary school may well have far more expensive equipment and even harmful chemicals on site that need access control to ensure they are protected.

Those in cities may be at risk from trespassers during term time, whilst those in rural areas are more at risk from arson and theft during holiday time. This proves that safety isn’t about finding a solution for all schools, but instead understanding how to tailor an approach specifically to a school based on location, the character of the school and even the ability to maintain a good educational policy in spite of any implemented measures.

Whether access control systems are needed, or whether CCTV and alarms may be more suitable due to the potential for volatile students to cause harm, there are likely to be many risks posed to any school. Instead of focusing on the changes that are perceived to be needed for modern schools, it makes more sense to focus on the individual school itself and choose access control systems and other such safety measures accordingly.

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