Dry Riser Maintenance needs to be carried out by professionals

What is dry riser maintenance?

Dry risers are fire fighting equipment which is used most commonly in buildings which are under sixty metres tall and more than eighteen metres high. (Buildings which are higher than sixty metres will use wet risers). Dry risers play a vital role in keeping a high rise building safe in the event of fire as they have to deliver large quantities of water to fight the fire. It is, therefore, absolutely essential that regular dry riser maintenance is carried out. Very often, dry risers can be prone to neglect and even vandalism so suitable dry riser maintenance can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Is dry riser maintenance expensive?

If you find the right company to carry out your dry riser maintenance then you can be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. However, it is also worth stating that dry riser maintenance is a legal requirement and needs to be carried out on a six monthly and annual basis. It is, therefore, something you will need to provide for if you are the person responsible for the building. You should expect the company you choose to provide an efficient and cost effective service.

Which is the best company to choose for dry riser maintenance?

One name which has an outstanding reputation for expertise, customer service and value for money is www.dryriserspecialists.co.uk. They have years of experience in dry riser maintenance and will be able to carry out all of the checks that your building needs on your behalf. With a professional yet friendly team of staff, they place the emphasis on efficiency and cost effectiveness and, with the outstanding levels of service they provide, you will be delighted. To find out more about the dry riser maintenance and the other services they provide, visit their website today.



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