Private investigator looks into McCann case

Many individuals and organisations around the world make use of private investigators. By using the services of a specialist private eye, they can glean information that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Recently, one self-styled investigator hit the headlines by getting involved in the high-profile disappearance of British youngster Madeleine McCann. She went missing at the age of three while in Portugal with her parents in 2007 and the authorities both here and in Portugal have devoted a lot of time and resources to finding her, but thus far to no avail.

While a considerable number of people have expressed their sympathies with the family and their hope that Madeleine will be found, one man has taken his efforts a step further.

South African real estate developer Stephen Birch has reportedly spent a lot of his own money on equipment to help locate the girl. He has even invested in a ground penetrating radar device that uses radar pulses to X-ray the subsurface.

Speaking to Sky News, he said: “All I want to do is solve the mystery and bring closure to Madeleine’s family.”

The businessman believes he may have found the gravesite not far from the apartment where she disappeared. He claimed that he has provided Scotland Yard detectives and Portuguese police with hard copies of the radar scans, adding that the agencies are examining them.

Mr Birch, who also paid for training to help him use the scanner, added: “I am convinced she lies where I have scanned.”

Of course, cases like this are highly unusual. It is much more typical for private investigators to engage in cases relating to asset tracing, company investigations, background checks, fraud investigations, matrimonial investigations and so on.

These days, it is straightforward for individuals and companies to source the assistance of a private eye for such purposes.

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