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Whether you’re looking to raise finance to manage or eradicate existing commercial debt, or indeed if you’re intending to expand your business and need to borrow funds to secure future growth then the bridging finance of Lerwick Group can assist you.

Lerwick Group is one of the most established commercial brokers in the United Kingdom. When you’re in need of bridging finance for most any commercial enterprise then here at Lerwick Group we have the acumen and experience to secure your future and offer you so much needed peace of mind.

Here at Lerwick Group we have extensive experience providing bridging finance for all manner of situations. Our list of clients include a number of blue-chip and SME clients, as well as sole traders and individuals that require a bridging loan for most any circumstances. Whether you have a poor credit history, or are just looking for cheaper interest rated by consolidating existing debts, then the bridging finance packages of Lerwick Group are just for you.

The principal advantage of the bridging finance of Lerwick Group is that they offer flexible solutions for any financial quandaries that you may be experiencing. Indeed, one of the most prudent circumstances to purchase bridging finance is if you are in the process of securing your future by purchasing your business premises. Purchasing bridging finance is considered more favourable than choosing to purchase commercial property at auction for the simple reason that no additional costs may be incurred.

The Lerwick Group is able to offer customers bridging finance for the purchase of property with a value of forty thousand pounds to two million pounds. The bridging loan finance is typically releases forty eight hours after receipt of application and any other information required, and even if you have incurred a county court summons Lerwick Group will take your circumstances into account in their decision to offer each customer bridging finance.

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Bridging finance needn’t be a challenge to find. The Lerwick Group specialise in offering bridging loan services to allow your company the liquidity it needs between payments.