The Best Ways To Tailor Your Van To Your Requirements

Your van should reflect your needs, which is why there are so many different ways to configure and customise an LCV available.

Here are just a few of the options you have when it comes to tailoring a van to fit your requirements, especially if it is a vehicle upon which your business is reliant.

Van linings

The cargo area of a typical van is a blank slate – a metal box that you can adapt to improve its practicality and durability.

Lining systems are the best way to go, with several options on the market. You could go for cheap yet effective ply lining, for example, which protects the bodywork and flooring with durable wooden panels.

Another choice is Speedliner, which is supplied by specialists such as This adds a waterproof layer to your van’s cargo area so that liquid spills, corrosion and general wear and tear are minimised over time.


Bulkheads keep the cargo area separate from where the driver and passenger sit, with various configurations offered. Full-height bulkheads provide an impenetrable physical barrier, while half-height bulkheads with metal meshing are cheaper, lighter, and offer moderately less protection.

Adapting the bulkhead of your van with a conversion that enables longer items to be transported is a good idea for some business users. This will allow you to retain the use of a van and expand its potential without having to switch to a larger vehicle with a longer wheelbase if your needs change.

Bulkhead hatches can be installed at floor level or higher up and should be handled by a professional conversion company, as with any aftermarket alterations. Used van vales are strong, so you can buy secondhand models with pre-installed adaptations if you wish.


Van racking is a natural choice for many sole traders and organisations, as it creates a fixed yet flexible storage solution in the cargo area. It can contain shelving, drawers and compartments of all kinds.

When it comes to keeping tools, equipment, goods and accessories safe and stable during transport, and making them easier to find when you reach your destination, installing van racking is the best option around. This is just one of the key ways in which a van can be tweaked to meet your requirements.

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