Couples are choosing more ornate wedding rings

Traditionally the engagement ring was the more expensive and ornate piece of jewellery. The bride to be would flash her new sparkler to all her friends flushed with excitement about all the celebrations to come. Wedding rings were much plainer. A quiet statement of commitment after the excitement of the proposal and the acceptance.

However attitudes are starting to change. The wedding is the big day after all. While not every woman will be happy with a plainer engagement ring, certainly wedding rings are becoming more extravagant and more showy. Some couples though will even think along the lines that the wedding is the main event and what they are looking forward to most, so they prefer to spend more and have more expensive and elaborate rings on the big day itself at the expense of fancier engagement rings. It’s just a case of personal preference.

Traditional rings that are exchanged on the day itself are typically plain. Simple gold bands for example. Nothing more, nothing less. However, this is starting to change. And why not? People only get married once. Or sometimes twice! Diamond wedding rings add an extra dimension to the traditional plain band option. They take these rings onto a whole new level, adding extra decoration and making them more interesting. It’s a great symbol of love and commitment to wear and treasure each day.

Diamond wedding rings are becoming more common, but they are harder to find than regular bands. So it pays to seek out specialist jewellers. At more specialist outlets they can cater for all kinds of tastes, even design and craft rings from scratch to custom designs. The diamonds can be subtly studded around the ring to create something understated but beautiful. A perfect way to symbolise life long love and commitment.

These are big decisions to make and any kind of diamond ring is going to involve significant outlay. Couples need to think things through about what they prefer and which rings they should prioritise. Certainly there’s a subtle shift away from so much focus on engagement and more emphasis on the rings exchanged on a the wedding day itself.

A quality jeweller will work with the couple to help them find or design the perfect rings for their wedding day. The moment when the rings are exchanged is one of the most perfect and sweetest of the whole day. So rather than exchange simple bands why not go the extra mile and give one another something truly special and magical? Rings encrusted with beautiful diamonds.

With the rings sorted out couples can starting planning the rest of their wedding and count down the days to the big day itself. A quality jeweller can help make all of those dreams come true with the perfect rings for the most perfect day. By going to town with the rings both the bride and groom have a wonderful memento of the big day and a beautiful symbol of the commitment they have made to one another.

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