Theatre production receives praise

These days, there are many theatre sets and stage props for companies to make use of when they put on shows. In a somewhat unorthodox use of such accessories, the Principal Theatre Company is staging open air performances of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

According to review in Stage magazine by Abigail Webber, the production should not be missed. The performances are being staged in the grounds of Capel Manor and they incorporate “lively acting and songs”.

Ms Webber remarked: “The cast’s enthusiasm and enjoyment of this Shakespearean romcom are infectious, and the story is told with a warmth and affection that embraces and includes the audience.

“The subtle repartee between Beatrice and Benedick is nicely balanced with the more obvious, but equally amusing, humour of Dogberry and his team of incompetents, and a wealth of visual gags leads to some inspired comic moments.”

Among the cast members are John Canmore, David McKechnie, Annabelle Brown and Daniel Jennings.

Meanwhile, Ms Webber added that theatre lovers should pray the rain holds off so that performances of this show can go ahead. According to the reviewer, the production “sparkles and fizzes with energy and joy”.

She also noted that the use of theatre sets and stage props is minimal.

The Principal Theatre Company was founded in 1999 and it is based in North London. Each year, it puts on an open-air, professional Shakespeare production intended to be accessible to all. Among its patrons are Christopher Biggins, Ruth Madoc and Lynda Bellingham.

Meanwhile, its artistic directors are Paul Gladwin, who set up the organisation, and Elizabeth Rowden, who performed in its 2007 show Twelfth Night. After appearing in the play, she realised she wanted to be part of the company’s future.

These days, relatively few theatrical performances take place outdoors, but this was much more common in the past.

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