Getting the Best Price for Your Car

There are plenty of reasons for buying a new car if you can afford to do so. With fuel prices rocketing and car tax on older vehicles through the roof, the savings to be had from buying a new or nearly new vehicle are certainly tempting to most.

When looking at car prices at dealerships, it can be hard to judge how much you’ll actually have to pay without knowing what the value of your own car is for trading it in as part exchange. You can be fairly sure that the price the dealer first offers you isn’t likely to be the best one, that’s for sure! Valuations can vary widely from one dealer to another, and although nine out of ten dealers use Glass’s car valuation guide to come up with their figure, it’s important to bear in mind that what they quote you will also depend on the value of the new car that you are buying. A cheaper car will usually result in a lower valuation, for example.

Before you go looking at cars and trying to work out which car prices you might be able to afford, it’s a good idea to do your research online first. Nowadays, you can download car brochures from the manufacturers’ websites, allowing you to narrow down your choices and get a good idea of how much they cost before you go and look. Many websites also have configurators so you can get a more precise indication of the final total when you’ve added in paint colour and any other extras you want. You can also use Glass’s car valuation guide online to get an idea of how much your own vehicle is worth and therefore whether you’re getting a good proposition from the dealer, or if you’ve room to haggle a bit!

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