Great Deals for New Cars

As with anything, there are some great deals to be had on new cars if you do your homework first and shop around. Although new car prices will be fairly consistent from one dealer to another for the same make and model of car, there will be deals to be had when it comes to extras, finance options and part exchanges. Doing some research before you go into the dealership will leave you in a strong position when it comes to negotiations. The internet is a great tool for researching, allowing you to compare new car prices on the same model between dealers or on different models around the country. You may even find the exact model you want from an online dealer, which will usually turn out to be much cheaper because that dealer will have fewer overheads to pay, meaning they can charge less.

Before you even start looking at new cars, decide on what your budget will be, whether it’s the total price or a monthly amount for a finance package. This will help to keep you realistic and within your own financial limitations. If opting for a finance deal, make sure that you think ahead and what you might do should you lose your job, for example, and always establish what the total final price will be too.

Unless you need a new car urgently, try and maximise your deal potential by buying at the best times. Usually just before the new registration plates are released or at the end of the month when the dealer’s trying to make up their sales quota are the best times to buy. If you know a newer version of that model is about to be released, you may also be able to snap up a great deal on the older one that way.

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