Four Star two- Wheeled Training

‘CBT Swansea’ – it’s staring you in the face really; COMPULSARY basic training. Indeed, for anyone who has hotrod aspirations of owning their own crotch rocket- unless they want to Endo it to one of HM’s prison institutions at breakneck speed, faster than any competing Belly Shover out there – CBT Swansea isn’t a simple distraction from polishing their two- wheeled speed demon; it is an essential aspect of safe Chevvy-ing!

So, if you’ve recently realised your adolescent dream of purchasing your very own motorcycle; not dissimilar to the one raced by Johnny Lockett but would rather do things properly and invest in CBT Swansea prior to taking to the saddle, there is only one option- you need to start looking for a cheap provider of CBT Swansea without compromising on safety or reliability.

‘Welcome’ to Two Wheels Motorcycle Training Wales. We are proud to adhere to each and every one of the promises we make for CBT Swansea.

Here at Two Wheels Motorcycle Training Wales, we offer swift- but not rushed – motorcycle training Wales and affordable- without compromising on thoroughness – CBT Swansea to both new, aspiring and nervous experienced motorcyclists alike. We tailor our approach to CBT Swansea based on each client and strive to never push a client into a test situation until they are equipped with the necessary driving skills. And, because we understand what a nervous time it can be and we don’t like you to tyre during the learning process, we boast of our friendly yet exciting approach to motorcycle training Wales and endeavour to make our clients comfortable in the learning environment.

With safety at our core, you will find no better provider of motorcycle training Wales or CBT Swansea and thus far, we are unrivalled on first time pass rate anywhere else in Wales!


If you are after the most reliable and resourceful CBT Swansea solutions in the entire region then there is no one more reputable than DAS Swansea is ever so popular due to its superb quality.